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Aging is Optional
Diet for Life by Mikki Douglas
Mikki Douglas | Wellness + Anti-aging Coach
Meet Mikki | Your Anti-Aging Expert

Welcome to my world. A world where everyone is well. Everyone is thriving. Everyone has tons of energy. Everyone sleeps soundly. Everyone feels alive, balanced and aging is OPTIONAL. Everyone FEELS their best, because they are at their best. The body is an amazing machine. And when we give our bodies what it TRULY NEEDS, it heals and functions like a rocket! This is what I thrive for in my own world, and my PASSION is to help everyone else with what I’ve learned. Knowledge is useless unless it’s shared. To heal, feel well and age well, this is LIVING.

I love taking care of myself, I love food and eating well. I am also super passionate about taking an holistic approach to life and strive to be extremely aware of all the products that I use and put in my body. Toxin overload, oxidative stress, metabolic acidosis and stress are placing demands and aging our bodies on a cellular level now more than ever. In today’s world, its impossible to avoid everything that may harm our health, but I have made it a personal mission to be aware of how food, products and my environment affect my health, and the aging process....


New to plant based living? Chances are you're already eating a lot of things that are vegan or plant-based! Check out some easy recipes to inspire your next meal. I don't like complicated things, so they are all super easy and most take under 30 min or less to prepare.

Green Juice


Inside and out. Hair, skin, body and mind.

You do not have to live with age-related disease and age-related decline. The science has caught up. There are products, treatments, supplements and tools that are now available, that weren't before.

Whether you need guidance with food, skincare products, hair care, lifestyle habits, and beyond. I practice what I preach, only represent systems and products that I have researched and vetted, and that WORK.


Free guide to healthy dining anytime and anywhere!

In the Supermarket

Free grocery shopping guide - navigate the aisles with ease


Don't know what to eat? Get my quick start guide to plant-based living

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