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Mikki Douglas

Anti-aging/Regenerative Aesthetics

Anti-Inflammatory/Plant-based Diets

Celiac + Gluten Intolerance

Healthy Cooking / Meal planning

Diet and Detoxification

Digestive Wellness

My Story


“I love taking care of myself, I love food and eating well. I am also super passionate about taking an proactive approach to life, aging and strive to be extremely aware of all the products that I use and put in my body. Toxin overload, oxidative stress, metabolic acidosis and stress are placing demands and aging our bodies on a cellular level now more than ever. In today’s world, its impossible to avoid everything that may harm our health, but having MTHFR and other auto-immune issue, I have made it a personal mission to be aware of how food, products and my environment affect my health, and the aging process.


We have choices, and I am honored to help those who need guidance through the process of re-gaining their health and meeting their goals. Your body is a perfectly operating well-oiled machine… when we give it what it needs and remove what it doesn’t. When you finally feel what it truly feels like to be ALIVE and feel it in every cell, you can NEVER go back to the “old you”. This is the true definition of THRIVING, and ANTI-AGING at it’s best. 

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Mikki is an Atlanta native, and has worked in the health, wellness, medical aesthetics, beauty industries for well over 28 years. Fueled by her passion for research, severe health issues such as debilitating migraines, a heart condition and struggles with weight management, along with her son’s health issues as a toddler due to undiagnosed Celiac disease and MTHFR, she began taking a deeper look into genetics, what is in our food, our beauty products and our environment that may be causing and triggering many of today’s health issues. Her startling findings spawned a deep interest in detoxing, holistic living + nutrition, a gluten-free approach and adopting a plant-based lifestyle. Mikki took a brief hiatus from the professional medical aesthetics industry to focus on writing her book and to develop a plant-based program and become a certified plant-based wellness coach. This program is detailed in her part cook-book, part autobiography and part health/weight loss program titled Diet for Life.


As a result she lost 80 lbs, tackled many of her and her son's health challenges, and now shares with others the power of bio-hacking, detoxing, and a holistic, plant-based lifestyle.


She is a seasoned educator, marketing and sales executive, with a focus on teaching others about achieving optimal health and reaching their anti-aging goals through plant-based nutrition and safe, yet effective anti-aging beauty products and supplements. In addition to working with some of the top beauty brands, doctors and medspas, Mikki has instructed cooking classes at Salud! Whole Foods Cooking School, has authored 2 books, and has developed a series of cooking and plant-based lifestyle videos, nutritional plans, recipes and a weekly YouTube show, “The Weekly Skinny” for, a successful iPhone weight loss and healthy lifestyle application. Mikki has an active role in the medical aesthetics industry and educates others seeking answer and education through her website, social media, events and webinars.

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