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Diet for Life

Lose weight permanently and reverse disease. 

After years of yo-yo dieting and suffering from health issues, Mikki found the secrets to permanent weight loss and vibrant health, which ignited a firestorm of research into the food industry and what she found astounded her. Mikki's plan is a simple, no-counting, flexi-vegan, clean eating program for weight loss, reversing and preventing disease that transforms your health, body and mind. Mikki's book is 3 books in one - an overview on what's really going on in America's food industry; and why it's keeping us chronically ill and overweight, part cookbook - with over 80 plant-based meal makeover recipes, and part Real Life Guide with full shopping lists, meal plans, tips on making over all of your unhealthy favorites, a "NO" list, how to order when dining out and what to do when traveling. It's the last "diet" book you will ever need, because it isn't diet, it's a lifestyle guide.

Healthy Salad
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