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How healthnuts fuel up for cold mornings

Oatmeal, shoatmeal. Blah right? WRONG. This yogurt bowl topped with oatmeal and other goodness will have you waking up excited to eat breakfast again!

Fall Vegan Yogurt Bowl.

My new upgraded yogurt bowl for #fall. I used my fave#veganyogurt caled Lavva. I like the vanilla one the best. @lovvelavva


I scoop of @gardenoflife vegan high protein powder in vanilla

I scoop of their MCT powder

1 tbsp @sunfood maca powder

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp nutmeg.

Mix all that together.

Add some unsweetened almond milk for smoothness.

Top with @onedegreeorganics sprouted raw oats, pecans, bananas, hemp seeds and chia seeds.

Fast, nutrient dense, healthy breakfast in 5 minutes flat. You're welcome.

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