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  • Mikki D

The Best Chili recipe EVER.

Why is it the best? Because not only is it plant-based and healthy, but it’s friggin DELICIOUS!! I hate long recipe blogs, so here it is.

One pot: Serves 8

- 2 packs Beyond beef

- 1 16oz jar organic crushed tomatoes

- 1 16o jar organic diced tomatoes

- 3 tbsp organic tomato paste

- 1 while organic yellow onion

- 2 medium organic red bell peppers

- 2 cans organic kidney beans

- 1 can organic pinto beans

- 4 tbsp primal kitchen or wizard steak sauce

- 4 tbsp garlic powder

- 3 tsp salt

- 2 tbsp cumin powder

Turn large pot on high, sauté onions until brown in olive oil. Add packs of beyond beef and chop up with wooden spoon while cooking until broken up. Cook until brown, scraping bits off the bottom. Time down heat to medium and add beans with their liquid and everything else. Stir well and add a bit of water (1 cup at a time, do not use tap water) if too thick.

Cover and simmer for 45 min on medium low, stirring occasionally. that’s all. Enjoy!

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