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Why you need to start the year with a parasite cleanse

We’re all trying to be healthier, every New Year’s we all have the resolution to be healthier. We go to the gym, we bought a bunch of vegetables and then the same old cravings and habits creep right back in.

One of the reasons you may not know of why your cravings so easily take back control of you is that you actually might be dealing with gut parasites.

Yes parasites can actually control what’s called the ‘second brain’ in your intestines and can even cause you to crave sugar, salt, carbs, yeast and other things that can destroy the intestinal microbiome. HOW DO I GET PARASITES?

Parasites can enter the body a number of ways, by eating raw fish, dairy, under cooked meats, eggs, and even drinking water. Also you can get them by swimming in contaminated bodies of water. once in your body, They live off sugar, yeast and other nutrients in the intestinal tract.

Some intestinal parasites may leave you feeling hungry & unable to gain weight. Others feed off your red blood cells, causing anemia. Parasites duplicate by laying eggs and that can cause itching, bloating, irritability and even insomnia.

If you have tried to resolve your gut issues and relieve your symptoms without much success, it’s possible that intestinal parasites could be the underlying cause.

How do I know if I have parasites?

The best way to definitively find out if you have parasites is to schedule an appointment with a certified naturopathic or holistic practitioner and have a stool sample or saliva sample performed.

Some common symptoms to look out for are.

  1. Cravings/Appetite Change - Random cravings for breads, sugars, salty things or the inability to get full could be an indication that your parasite is the one controlling your second brain aka your gut.

  2. Anemia - Anemia is a common symptom of parasites as the loss of blood through stool and the consumption of your blood tissue can create an iron and balance.

  3. Digestion drama - Unexplained and regular bloating, frequent constipation or diarrhea, gas, or other symptoms of IBS can actually be intestinal parasites wreaking havoc in your gut.

  4. Fatigue - Feelings of chronic fatigie, exhaustion, dizziness and even feelings of apathy or depression are not only symptoms of parasites, they may also be caused by possible malnutrition and anemia.

  5. Skin Woes - Common yet unexplained skin conditions can actually be signs of parasites. Unexplained rash, hives, rosacea or eczema can be common, as the host-parasite interactions can be in the top skin layers.

  6. Thyroid & Hashimotos - Parasites have been linked to a number of autoimmune disorders including thyroid disfunction. Fatigue or flu like symptoms have been reported during a parasitic infection. Even after the infection passes, it can trigger autoimmune that linger.

  7. Sleep Problems - issues falling asleep or waking up multiple times during the night can be a symptom as parasites cause can alter your circadian rhythm.

How to Get Rid of Intestinal Parasites

Intestinal parasites attach themselves to your intestinal walls, so it seems only logical to be a bad host. We can do that by starving them out by eating foods they hate and taking certain supplements that will kill them.

  1. Eating a plant-based diet will help the gut heal, minimize the foods they love & contains vital nutrients to support gut health.

  2. Taking a high quality caprylic acid, a short chain fatty acid will stop the parasitics from growing.

  3. Apple cider vinegar has been known to alter the body’s pH balance, which can contribute to parasite die-off. My go to are these apple cider gummies.

  4. Do a parasite cleanse that has well documented herbs that kill and remove intestinal parasites. Not all parasite cleanse are created equal however. Be sure to use a high-quality one like this one.

So these are the reasons you need to do a parasite cleanse to start your year off right especially if you are trying to lose weight, get healthier, increase energy and improve your gut health. I am certainly starting the year with a parasite cleanse to reduce my cravings, improve my gut and thyroid health, and set myself for success with my health goals. I hope you will too.

Need help with a plant-based meal plan? A no list or shopping list? A detox plan and recipe? Check out my book, Diet of Life on Amazon.

Yours in Health,


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